Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pretty In Red
"Summer Sun" Necklace, a multi-strand necklace full of warm glitter of seed beads and small crystals, is hand made in stringing and weaving techniques. The necklace is 21.5" long, size of the the pendant is 1" x 2".
                                  "Summer Sun" Necklace    0001

"Red Heart" Necklace is full of a hot glitter of red crystals and a noble shimmer of silver. The necklace incorporates 3 types of Czech crystals, Bead Gallery heart pendant and Swarovski Elements "S" hook. The pendant size is about 1/2" x 1".
                                  "Red Heart" Necklace     0002

Four pairs of "Red Drop" Earrings compliment these two necklaces. They are made from the same crystal beads as "Red Heart" Necklace.
The dangling part of the earring is about 1" long.

                                         "Red Drop" Earrings       0001

This pair of "Red Drop" earrings is made of Czech AB crystals.
                                           "Red Drop" Earrings       0002
                                             "Red Drop" Earrings       0003
                                            "Red Drop" Earrings       0004

 These two "Red Bracelets" are made from the same Czech crystal beads as "Red Heart" Necklace and "Red Drop" Earrings and nicely go with each other .
The"Red Bracelet" below is almost 9" long.
                                           "Red Bracelet"     0001

The second "Red Bracelet" ( on the right in the picture) has AB crystal beads and is 8.5" long.
                                         "Red Bracelet"     0002

"Red Rhapsody" Necklace incorporates beads from bright red to deep crimson which are accentuated by antique bronze beads.  The necklace is 19.5" long.
                                    "Red Rhapsody" Necklace    0003

 "Red Link" Necklace, made of hand made beaded wire links, is 26" long.
                                   "Red Link" Necklace     0004
 "Red Link" Necklace compliments "Red Rhapsody" Necklace which looks nice together.
I hope you enjoy viewing my work. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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